The Howling Bird Press 

During the spring of 2018, I worked as a public relations specialist for Husky Agency. Our team consisted of seven students who worked with our client The Howling Bird Press, a student-run publishing company located at Augsburg University in the Twin Cities and directed by an experienced publisher, Jim Cihlar. During the entire semester, we created press releases, campaign proposals, ads, flyers, as well as a social media campaign.

It was a very rewarding experience, and I was able to put my skills to use in “real life” scenarios. Please find below samples of my work while working with Husky Agency, and our client the Howling Bird Press .


Press Release 

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Strategic Communication Proposal 


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Athletes in Action 

While in school I was able to create a public relations campaign for an organization pro-bono. While still taking courses I worked with the Athletes in Action organization, both on the St. Cloud State Campus as well as other campuses across the U.S. I worked all semester on conducting different strategies of research, deciding on different objectives, budgeting, scheduling, as well as completing strategies, tactics and tools. The campaign was a first hand feel of the real world, working for a client, fulfilling their needs, timelines and being able to effiencetly present my findings.  To learn more about click here.


Public Relations Campaign 

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The Place I Like To Call Home

Final Video Project

During my freshman year at St. Cloud State University I completed a video project that depicted a place of “home.” Playing hockey for so long and spending hours at the rink, practicing, working out or just hanging out with teammates made the rink my home, away from home. We were ask to take the video, create a script and then edit, add music etc. Check out the video below.

Tropicana Advertising Plans Book

Advertising Plans Book 

During my final semester at St. Cloud State University, I completed an advertising plans book for a specific company. Our group chose Tropicana as our company, although this was a group project I ended up handling most of the work. I was responsible for completing powerpoint presentations for each section of the plan including, Marketing Segmentation, a Creative Brief, Ads, as well as a Media Plan. After completing the presentation I complied an in-depth version of the campaign, providing the client a better idea of what we want to accomplish.

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